School is not enough for study

Whether they go to school, stay in the care of grandparents, parents, or other people, the routine they carry the rest of the year changes for more flexible schedules and more informal activities.

Schools will not always teach all the things that a child needs to learn. They are usually a headache for parents who do not know what to do with their children while they must go to work. But in this case, teaching your different child things will always help. Because even if you don’t believe it, you learn as much (or more) as you do at school.

It is a way of learning more relaxed and less directed as the traditional academic teaching they have in school, but that is why children, when experiencing it through their own experiences, assimilate the concepts more naturally and vividly.

Indirect and pure learning at home:

They have within their reach a world of resources through which, without realizing, playing, and exploring, they are learning.

They also learn in the best way that exists, having fun. It is up to us, parents, to help them find those learning opportunities in the things that surround them.

Places where your child can learn many interesting things:

Teach your child about nature. If you go to the sea, teach him about the tides, why the waves form, why the water is salty, how the sand forms, talk to him about the animals that live in the sea. You can help them with books, magazines or videos on the subject.

For example, if you go to the mountain, show him how they formed, what the parts of the hill, how rivers, valleys, animals, and people who live in that type of landscape form.

But to learn you don’t have to go on a trip. If you stay at home, in the pool or the park there are many things you can teach the little ones. Even at grandparents’ houses, watching a high anthill or a butterfly in the backyard will make them curious about creatures in nature.

If you pay attention to your surroundings, there are lots of tools, games, and activities that you can do with children this summer to learn by playing. The motivation is the curiosity of the little ones. Teach him to observe nature and ask questions about the origin of things.