10 ways to end your day happier

Has it ever happened to you to get up and not feel so excited to start the day? Nothing special, maybe because it’s Monday or because it rains. Most of us have those days from time to time, and when we are in their midst, it is difficult to achieve much.

Being happy is not a status or a stable state foolproof. It is to be able to savor the beautiful moments, the beautiful emotions, and the beautiful feelings that pass. Maybe within some time, in a day or in a week, you can have some challenges. But I still believe that one can find oneself in a happy state of mind, generally speaking.

What is happiness?

It’s difficult to define happiness, we tend to define it by what it is not, by what composes it, improves it or it hurts, but it’s difficult to stop at a definition which explains this much sought-after feeling.

Nevertheless, Happiness is a feeling of overall satisfaction with someone’s life, your overall situation of the moment, and the direction in which you go, this overall and imperfect satisfaction is coupled with a feeling that life is generally good, meaningful and useful for you.

Happiness is a durable state of fullness and satisfaction, a pleasing and balanced state of mind and body, from which suffering, stress, worry and trouble are absent.

Why it is important to end your day happily

Ending your day happily as an employee goes beyond the basic benefits we all receive from companies and is so important within an institution due to increased productivity and reduced turnover. Ending your day happily is a much more extensive concept that should be worked with greater openness to generate a pleasant and full of communication environment, since not having a happy day causes tension, bad mood and loss of resources.

That notwithstanding, there are three basic importance of ending your day happily. The first is that people who are happy live an average of 11 years, that is, it contributes to longevity. The second is that people who end their day happily get sick less, that is, they have a stronger immune system. This means that happiness is a topic of great importance for public health. Lastly and perhaps much more importantly, ending your day happily contributes to your having better relationships with coworkers, which ultimately builds society and lays the foundation for national peace and prosperity.

End your day happily with these 10 tips

Think or write 10 wonderful things that happened during the day.

If you are a nervous and restless person, at the end of the day you will surely wish you had done a couple more things to feel satisfied. This distorts your vision of what really happened during the day, so it appears to be more negative than it really is. When doing this exercise, most people find their day was frankly good. Do the exercise.

Write down one thing you did differently.

It is a good way to gradually change yourself. Choose one of the incidents you had during the day and imagine how it would have been if you had acted differently. Imagine that scenario as if it had really happened that way. The good thing about human brains is that they treat imagined things as if they were real and that they happen in reality. This means that, imagine how you would have liked something serious, you train your mind so that next time it will be better.

Congratulate yourself for the days achievement.

When you go to sleep, yourself words of encouragement and motivations, and do it with a feeling of deep love and gratitude to what you have accomplished in the day, despite how small it may seem.

Look or read something that is aligned with your dreams.

Whatever we put into mind, that will reap. If you moved out of a country, you don’t have good memories of it, and they make a documentary and watch it out of curiosity, your mind remembers the bad things about that place, what’s the use? So be careful of the way you feed your mind. Feed your mind with things that are aligned with where you want to reach. What you throw into your mind helps you to be the person you want to be?

Find your concern, and commit to taking action the next day to fix it.

This is a key to avoid waking up in panic at 3 in the morning. We all have a mind occupied with something, such as finding a new place to live, for difficult employment, economic problems … Taking measures helps get out of worry and think about the possibilities. Commit to taking action tomorrow, you can then be calm one step at a time, knowing that tomorrow you will know how to handle it.

Get ready to have a quiet morning.

Every morning set a tone for your day to make it possible, running everywhere like a ball does not help the cause. Take the action you thought the day before to make sure you have an easy and joyful morning. Such actions amounts to ending your day happily.

Read your dreams and celebrate progress.

You must have your dreams written or recorded in audio on your desk (if you don’t have them, consider it as a task to do as soon as you can). When you have them, keep those dreams in your heart and mind, like a dear friend who accompanies you throughout the day. By reading or listening to your dreams every night, it will help you remember what is going on in your life and celebrate the small achievements you have made to get there.

Stop looking for perfection

Give in your best and be confident that it will be enough and satisfying. You do not have to have 100%. Always know that you did a good job. Maybe being a perfectionist is a trait that comes with competitive spirit? I’m not sure, but one thing I’m sure of: perfectionists often suffer from this trait.Stop wanting to polish everything and refine it to infinity. Do it and move on and by so doing, you will have a happier day.

Taming nature

Here is a point that I like a lot (and that will also please you so much, I’m sure!).

When I feel down, the best medicine for me is to go for a walk in the mountains. My worries disappear and I can only admire the beauty of what surrounds me. It seems impossible to complain about surrounded by all this beauty.Nature helps me to disconnect from my concerns and reconnect with myself and the present moment. It will also help you too to end your day happily!

Take time to have fun

I know too many people who are not able to get off work or are too fixated on the idea of ​​making money. I think they often have trouble seeing it themselves and it is sometimes a sensitive subject. It’s as if it’s self-evident: it’s what you have to do to succeed. Yes, we can love our work and be passionate, and that’s good! If we all get up in the morning thinking about the work ahead, I think the world would be better!

Even if you love your work, I think you have to give yourself some time to do something else. No washing, cleaning or stuff like that. Just do things that make you happier! It could be going to the spa, going on a weekend getaway, going to the museum, having some time with family and friends, having dinner, etc.