Why earning lots of money is necessary?

Money doesn’t buy you happiness! Don’t tell me you believe that crap? People with small ambitions have been getting away with murder for far too long with this crappy opinion. People who share the falsehood that money doesn’t bring happiness are mostly small thinkers and lazy. Just because they don’t have the will to work hard and achieve high goals in life; they resort to sharing the negative energy that earning lots of money isn’t necessary. Sometimes they even go as far as linking having much money with evil. It’s their own way of justifying their misery and expressing their bitterness.

If you offer them a listening ear; they will make you see reasons why it’s best you settle for mediocrity and not make the most out of everything you do. Such people believed poverty is a virtue. However, deep down their hearts; they envy affluence. Give them a chance and they will defraud you. They only hate money because they don’t have the stomach to go after it. Money is essential! Money is important! Money is genius! But it isn’t everything. There’s no denying that. There are things money can’t buy. You can be super rich and still be lonely. Money can’t buy you genuine love and care.

It’s important not to allow ourselves get carried away in the course of pursuits of our material comfort. Achieving a balance between our ambitions, morals and family life is very essential. You don’t want to end up accruing lots of money and losing your love ones in the process. You can have both. Below are some compelling reasons why earning lots of money is important in life:

Freedom and choices

Right now I would be somewhere in Santorini if I had accrued all the money I wished for. That’s the sort of choices and freedom lots of money provide you with. What’s your ultimate holiday destination? Is it enjoying the sun in front of the beaches in Ibiza? Do you badly want to spend your next vacation in Bahamas? Do you want to lodge in one of the exotic villas when next you visit Bali? How long have you wanted to go golfing, fishing or camping with your kids but your 9 to 5 job or financial obligations will never let you do that? When you have earned lots of money; you can do whatever thing you wanted. You don’t have to postpone any of your happiness just because of financial constraint. As an adult, you shouldn’t be seeking permission from anyone but yourself to do whatever you want.


In this materialistic world of ours; nothing people respect like money. People worship money and no longer respect values. For how long are you going to put up with people’s disrespect and shenanigans? Your boss yells at you anyhow him or her want. People in your community, friends and even family don’t respect you just because you are poor. This is the reality of our world today. Morals no longer hold high esteem in our communities today. Everyone wishes to be respected but you may never have the respect you deserve if you are not rich.


Virtually everyone wants to be famous. For those of us with no talents that borders on entertainment, we may never have a shot at fame. But money can make you famous. Jack Ma, the richest dude in china   doesn’t have any talent, not even the mundane book talent. But today; he is world famous. Every top shot knows him. Elon Musk is famous because he has a lot of money. Same goes for Jeff Bezos and other countless entrepreneurs. Don’t get me wrong on here. They are smart for sure but there are even smarter people than they are working for them and the world may never hear their name. Money makes you famous.

Financial security

Have you ever go on a shopping spree without having a thought about your account balance? That’s because you are financially insecure. You can’t afford your dream car because you have lots of responsibilities on your plate. You live from paycheck to paycheck. You are afraid of losing your job because without it; you can’t afford housing, healthcare and other miscellaneous expenditures. You are constantly worried about where the next meal will come from. Only lots of money can take away all those sort of fears. Money will make you feel secure about every financial obligation that you may have.

Good life for your kids

There are millions of kids right now roaming in streets just because their parents can’t afford them a good life. As a result, they will be exposed to all sorts of dangers and social vices that will eventually destroy their lives. Some kids have to forfeit education just because their parents can’t afford it. They will be left with no choice but to embrace a life sentence of labor and mediocrity. For some parents; the biggest challenge is how to put food on the table. Good healthcare and education are secondary. For a disenfranchised kid, the choice to be great in life has been taken away from him or her. With lots of money; you can provide your children with the best education money can afford. Good healthcare and opportunities will never elude your children if you have lots of money.

Amazing lifestyles

W e all wants to live in beautiful homes and mansions. We all want to drive fast and amazing cars. We wish to wear good clothes. Who doesn’t want that please? Believe it or not, luxurious life is amazing. But to have a taste at this kind of life; you need to earn a lot of money. Go after your dreams; make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. Don’t let your dreams be dream only. Make it happen. Life is meant to be enjoyed not endured. Don’t hold yourself back; there’s so much you could achieve with your potentials.