How to make yourself a brand?

You have a strong personal brand when people know that you can clearly answer the following questions:

Can you help me Strong personalized brands provide clear answers. Gordon Ramsay can teach you to cook, improve your restaurant business – this is what most people will say.

What is the source of your strength? Good personal brand (or: generally good brand) has mediocre characteristics that separate them from others. The source of strength of Bear Grylls is their pedestrian journey, the amount of travel … Others can also say “I’m good at surviving”, but then they need to overcome this challenge: how many trips to the Himalayas Are you finished?

What emotions can I expect from you? This is a very important one. Gordon back to Ramsay: Many people can tell you that they will teach you how to cook. And if you do not know what to expect, then bursting his anger suddenly will hurt your feelings. But if you know what this learning process will be, then you will accept it.
There is another way to contact the individual brand. Here is the checklist:

  • Image. What do people see when they meet you?
  • skill. The functional layer of your personal brand Related “What Can I Help You?” questions.
  • Behavior What do people feel when they talk to you? “What emotions can I expect from you?” Related to the question
  • Prestige. What others are saying about you I will be back in a moment
  • Trust and value The internal world of your brand You can not see it, but you act according to what you believe.

And if you want the simplest strategic guide for your personal brand, then I would recommend this triangle:

  • promise. Your utility to the outside world Again, “Can I help you?” Related to the question.
  • the personality. Feelings, behaviors that you present to the world. Does that mean the skilled project manager or anyone who will reduce any conflicts in the team?
  • Promotion. How can people know about you? Which promotional medium do you use to tell the world about your skills?