Don’t allow others to think for you

As much as people worry about you, they will never know what, in fact, brings peace to the soul. As much as they know about all the bad times you had to face, they did not have to face them in their place. No matter how much people love you and want to see you well and happy, they are not you, they do not live for you, and they do not feel what you feel. Therefore, they cannot make decisions for you. What others think is best for you is not the best for you. It’s just what others think it is, even if ” others ” are your parents, your best friend, your boyfriend or your godmother, they do not know anything.

They want to save you from the pain. They do not want you to feel the same suffering they once felt, but no one can escape from these things. No one escapes the inevitable, and suffering is inevitable, but deep down, in a way, it’s nice too. Suffering teaches things that only those who suffer have the privilege of learning. Suffering makes us beings more humane and humbler. And, of course, it makes us value happiness. Therefore, ” letting ” suffer those we love is a silent proof of our love. No one likes to see someone who loves suffering, it makes us suffer together. But just as we need the pain of the past to get here, so do us.

They will also grow and strengthen after every fall, after every storm. If we prevent them from doing so, they may never find within them the peace and balance that everyone needs. If we see them fall and hold them before they reach the ground, they have never learned to rise. If we foresee the storm and frighten them into hiding quickly in some safe place, they will always be afraid of the storm. If we lend our armor to give them security during their battles, they will never create their own armor.

The most important thing is if you know, love and accept yourself unconditionally. If you know yourself deeply and accept yourself as you really are, it does not matter what others say. This will not affect you. Understand that the other has the right to think, criticize, judge and evaluate. No matter how much it bothers us, we cannot change that. What others think of you is not your problem; it’s their problem. We cannot control or influence what others think of us. Therefore, it is useless to react negatively; this can generate more criticism.

Do not let anyone make your choices for you. In fact, do not ask for advice. Talk to your heart, decide what is best for you without letting yourself be influenced by what others think about it. Either change jobs or start the college you dreamed about. Be out of your parents’ house and finally fly alone or sell everything you have and travel the world. Whether it’s ending the courtship that has been doing you more harm than good or declaring yourself to that special someone. Either do that tattoo that you’ve saved for months to do or paint your hair red.

It does not matter if it is a great choice that will totally change your life or one that will just change your day. Every choice is a choice – and choosing one side opens the other. Life is like this: we have to make big and small choices every day. The consequences of the decisions you make only concern you, it is you who will have to deal with them, no one has anything to do with it. So make the decisions thinking only you, it does not matter that it seems a bit selfish. If selfishness is to love ourselves and think first of our own happiness and our well-being, let us all be selfish then.

Once you have talked enough with your heart and are sure of your choice, just communicate it to those people who are important in your life – this is still deemed necessary. Most of the time, they will tell you that they think the best for you is just the opposite of what you have chosen. But, remember, although they love you, they do not know what you feel and it was because of what you feel that you made the decision you made. So there is no doubt, if you have been guided by your heart, you are heading in the right direction.

You are and always will be the great writer and director of this play that you play yourself, so do not let anyone change the script of your life. The ” end ” may be far or near, we never know. Choose to make it all worth it before it announces itself. Make each choice as if it were the last, for it may even be the end of your story.