How to Control Anger?

Anger is an emotional state with which you can feel tension, anger, irritation, anger. And it varies in intensity depending on how your mood is.

Anger usually arises when you feel you are being attacked (physically or verbally) when something happens to you that causes you frustration, or you see something you don’t like. For example, someone has to stay in bed because they can’t move, either due to illness or accident.

In the case of a grieving process, anger is one of the phases that, at one time or another, you will go through. Each person has their grieving process, and the intensity of each emotion is different in each of them. Anger is one of the feelings that will help you survive, and that will give you the strength to “get out of the hole.”

How to recognize anger and how to accept it?

When you are going through a duel, it is not easy to recognize the emotions and much less manage them, but if you try it, we assure you that you will get it. To understand a feeling, in this case, anger, you have to let yourself feel. Something that can help you think is “meditation”:

– Find a time of day and a comfortable place where nobody can bother you.

– Sit comfortably and start breathing slowly and focusing on your breathing.

– Usually, do it with my eyes closed, but you can also do it with your eyes open, as you feel more comfortable

– Remember that moment in which you have felt anger, anger, irritation, anger.

– Ask yourself several questions about what you have handled? Have you thought it somewhere in the body? How did you think? What have you done with what you felt?

You must be aware of how anger makes you feel and what you do with it. To accept it, you first have to admit that you are going through a grieving process, and then little by little, every time anger appears, take it as part of your process: Get an apprenticeship of what it has come for because it will help you manage it.

Something that works very well is to put the music that you like to the top and sing it was screaming to get everything out. Remedies like these will help you a lot to get control of your anger.