A Simple Guide To Bring Your Content Marketing Strategy To Another Level

Content Marketing is an essential tool that allows companies to improve their results. By providing users with relevant and valuable content, you can build a strong online reputation, create a community, and win brand ambassadors.

While informing, this content helps to strengthen the company’s brand, turning it into authority. This makes it easier for you to get the attention and empathy of people who will be more willing to close deals with you

But Content Marketing is not just about creating and delivering content. It is a comprehensive strategic approach to attracting and engaging a clearly defined audience to ultimately generate cost effective consumer action.

In this handy guide, you’ll find the in-depth information you need to bring your content marketing strategy to another level within your organization.

Here are some of the ways through which you can bring your content marketing strategy to another level and shape your brand reputation to the right direction cherished by your customers:

Increase your reputation and influence with LinkedIn

If you use LinkedIn to focus on the needs of your customers, your efforts will help you build a solid reputation for your business.

Do not forget that content marketing is not like advertising: even if it’s relatively tempting to present and sell your products and services using the traditional method, it’s the best way to be ignored, to be classified in spam or to see an increase in the number of unsubscriptions.

In fact, offensive sales techniques do not interest anyone. They will make you lose the trust of your customers and your contacts, for whom you will become suspicious. Resist the temptation of direct and offensive sales, focus instead on writing quality content that meets the needs of your target audience.

Exploit the videos

In a digital world, where the attention of an average human is less than that of a goldfish, integrating a video into your content marketing strategy will not only stimulate engagement, but also shape perception that customers have in your business.

Brands such as GM and Netflix have harnessed the power of videos to reach targeted audiences, to market or to apologize.

For example, when Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, raised the price of the benefits and tried to change the name of a DVD shipping service, he had to apologize in a video (fortunately they were well received, which has improved the perception of the brand while boosting the stock price, which had suffered).

In addition, videos attract mobile users and build trust. Video goes hand in hand with mobile use. Since people like to watch videos while on the go, and as the number of smartphone users increases, more and more people watch your videos. Trust is the cornerstone of conversion and sales. The videos give more than 57% of consumers more confidence to buy online.

Use your company website

With the constant introduction of new technologies and new social media platforms, content marketing has taken newer phases and companies have focused on increasing their online presence on various social media platforms. How is a company’s website important?

When a potential customer is interested in the product or services offered by your company, there is an 81% chance that he will search online to find a site containing the corresponding information.

According to a study by MineWhat.com, “81% of customers search online before buying, while 60% of them start by using a search engine to find the products they want, and % read reviews on items before any purchase. MineWhat.com, “81% of customers search online before buying, while 60% start using a search engine to find the products they want, and 61% read reviews on items before any purchase.

A professional website with targeted content, quality will allow you to legitimize your business, and offer a strong brand image in which your audience has confidence. Even if your company is only two people, a site with attractive content will give the impression that it has a team of experts.

In order to optimize the content of your site for search engines, we advise you to choose a domain name that corresponds to your brand. So your business will be more visible on Google and other search engines, which will attract new customers through organic SEO.

Write targeted content

For more efficiency, the content must be personalized to match a targeted audience (potential buyers), with a particular need and at a certain point in its purchasing journey.

Your content must convey a specific message that reflects a deep understanding of the audience you are targeting.

To produce user-friendly content, you need an appropriate message to guide your potential customers through all stages of their buying journey. For example, depending on how your consumers evolve in this journey, you need to develop content that: draws attention, Pushes to discover, Encourages comparisons and Encourages buying.

First, limit promotions and invest more in marketing content designed specifically for your users, which will aim to add value to your potential users. Meaningful and successful content must speak to the consumer and be designed to meet one of his most specific needs or to simply inform him.

Whether it’s an article, a video, a podcast, or an infographic: they must all reflect your understanding of your potential consumers and their buying habits.

To shape a business reputation with targeted content, publish articles that educate customers about the value you bring, the attention, the buy, and the voice of your company.

It’s the way you communicate with your customers that determines their reaction to your offers. You can offer customer cases to newcomers, testimonials from regular customers in your sales funnel, etc.

In summary, targeted content that takes advantage of different marketing channels can shape the image of a business, but you’ll also need consistency, creativity, and a dedicated marketing team.

Support customer cases

Customer cases are necessary tools when it comes to proving to your potential customers that what you offer is useful and of high quality.

Consider that the client case is an extension of a testimony. You can use it to detail a customer’s problem, and explain how your company has found the solution. You will be able to prove your effectiveness while showing potential customers what they can expect from your company if they choose it.

The client case is a relatively simple concept, which offers many benefits to your business; it helps to give a good reputation to your brand.

It is exceptional in that it allows you to explain in detail the benefits of your product or service, reducing indecision.

Shaping your brand’s reputation by bringing your content marketing strategy to another level is a proven way to reach and maintain a strong connection with your target.

Quality marketing content enables you to influence the perception of your customers about the image of your company and its products.