10 Ways Business Networking Can Help You as an Entrepreneur


Starting off as a young entrepreneur can be risky and hectic. You need all the resources you can get and this is not always easy to come by. This is why you need people, the ones with the experience and the reservoir of contacts.

If we are being honest, the best way to grow your knowledge as an entrepreneur is through business networking. You can hear the success stories of others, tell them about the business you do and learn all you need to weather the storm of entrepreneurship.

This is how most of your favorite entrepreneurs found their way to where they are now. When you build and maintain a strong network, you are more likely to enjoy a successful and sustainable business.

Here are ten ways in which business networking can be valuable to you.


  1. You find people of like minds

As an entrepreneur, you have your unique ideas on how you want to go about your business; your vision and unique career pathway. Business networking will bring you in contact with people who think like you, who have similar visions. These people are also likely to constitute the backbone to your business in the future as they will offer both patronage and valuable advice when needed.


  1. It brings you in touch with great opportunities

When you network, you are most likely to come across opportunities that you never thought were even possible. Things like partnerships, business sales, valuable assets, joint ventures and opportunities to present your business to the people that matter. With your goals in mind, you can choose from these opportunities which ones to exploit in order to attain the expansion and growth your business needs.


  1. It comes with a lot of referrals

One of the major reasons a lot of entrepreneurs take networking events and activities very seriously is that it makes it possible for them to get prequalified referrals. The people they meet can refer them to other people who will likely need their services. After they get these referrals, they go the extra mile of convincing these contacts to patronize their business. This is also how you meet long-term clients who will be the rock of your business.

When you network, you give yourself a chance to get quality referrals to the people that matter compared to clients gotten through marketing initiatives.


  1. More exposure and visibility

Except you are involved in a secret business, every entrepreneur wants to be noticed and exposed to a wider market. And this is one of the things you benefit from attending social and business events especially if you take the effort to reach out to people and network.

The more you do this, the more people know and recognize you and the more likely they are to patronize your business. Also make sure that when you meet people at such events, you make intelligent and useful contributions so that you come across as a knowledgeable, well-informed and reliable person in your line of business.


  1. Networking improves your confidence

The art of networking requires you to talk to different people from all walks of life and with different backgrounds and levels of exposure. Relating with such diverse personalities will not be easy and it will test your social skills. But then, the more you do this, the more your confidence improves. With time, you would have become confident in selling yourself to the people that matter.


  1. You get important connections

How you survive as an entrepreneur in the business world is by the people you know and not necessarily by what you know or even what you do. This is the harsh reality of the business world and even of life. Your primary concern as a business owner is how to grow and stay afloat and for this, you need reliable connections. They will come in handy as you grow in business. This is made possible through networking and networking activities.


  1. Helps you get positive influence

Business networking will expose you to people who can be positive influences in your life and in your business. What most entrepreneurs fail to understand is that the support system they need for their business is not only the client base. You also need great people who are positive and influential who will help you maintain the right outlook as a business person.


  1. Finding mentors

Chances are, in every field you want to start up in, there are people who were there before you and who have thrived and succeeded in that same line of business for years. With such success comes a lot of wisdom and insight on how to navigate challenges and come out better off. These senior entrepreneurs and investors will always have valuable advice to offer you on how to improve your business and generally mentor you. And the best way to meet them is usually by networking; going out to business events where such people gather and make a great impression.


  1. You will be gain some expert knowledge

In your networking, make sure to meet the experts, both in your field of business and in fields that have a connection to your business. Try to gain knowledge across industries that have relevance to the kind of business you do. It will help you move forward.


  1. You can grow your reputation and that of your business

As has been stated above, when you network, the goal is for people to notice you and for your business to be more visible. One of the other things that is important to your business is word-of-mouth and reputation. When you make a great impression about your business, the people you meet will talk about you to their friends and family and before long, everyone would have heard of you and the kind of business you do. This will most likely impact on growth of sales and patronage.



The referrals, connections, exposure, visibility and unique opportunities that networking affords you is something that should not be taken for granted. Attending business events will most likely save you from a lot of stress that comes with advertisement and expansion and you should exploit every opportunity to sell yourself and the business you do.