How to stop over thinking?

Many factors make the over-thinking process unstoppable. The first problem you see with is that you despair of not stopping to think, and the more you try to stop believing, the more it seems that you say to your mind “keep thinking.”

How to stop over-thinking?

It is a fact that your design of the brain generates thoughts that your mind is thinking a lot. Surely you bring a lot of accumulated mental tension, then take a little pressure off the matter and just accept “ok, I’m overthinking, I’m generating a lot of thoughts, I’m not going to want to change it.

Surely your thoughts are around some concern, some matters, something that happened and enchant here you have to solve, face. What am I thinking? What do I need to do with this what I am thinking? Maybe you need to face, solve something.

Maybe you need to take responsibility and take action. There is something you can surely do to resolve the mental conflict of what is going on in your mind. The problem is precisely to think more and stop acting, write, or talk about it to find the answer or the solution to the mental roll you bring.

The third critical point is that you need to channel your attention. You have a lot of physical and emotional tension, and it does not go anywhere.

Exercise, go for a walk and as told you in the last tip, talk and write. Talking about what you think, taking it out, it is as if you pour water into the sugar, and it is going to dilute and do the exercise, take out the physical tension and vent your emotions.

The next point recommended is to learn to be in the present that you connect with your senses, like smell, touch, sight, hearing, and with your breathing.

You could not be thinking and paying attention to what you believe while feeling and paying attention to the present moment.

What matters is that you realize that you escape the mind and return to the present, feeling the water, the air, the food, the steering wheel while driving, listening to the sounds around you—all that makes you connect with the present, where those thoughts lose weight or value.

So those are the keys to stop thinking.