59 Signs That you you are Wasting your life

  1. Get up after 6 a.m. Most unsuccessful people wake up after 6 o’clock in the morning.
  2. You do not feel like when you wake up in the morning. Nothing excites the day.
  3. You wake up and spend hours on the phone on the bed.
  4. You prefer entertainment in their careers.
  5. You have more friends than a life goal
  6. You scroll Facebook/Insta/WhatsApp notification and feeds through and without meaning because nothing can be better than that.
  7. You open WhatsApp and close it so that no new messages appear.
  8. You watch YouTube on the same random song, standup video, and other stuff.
  9. Sundays and holidays, nobody else excites you
  10. You think about how you waste your time while charging your mobile.
  11. You do not nurture your intellect with books and your soul with good deeds.
  12. You always think about relationships, love, and sex.
  13. You do not like to acquire knowledge.
  14. You do not read the newspaper.
  15. You like to blame others for your failures.
  16. You think a full day but do nothing.
  17. Eat junk food and spend money without making records and controls
  18. It’s time to stare at your social media profile, but you do not have time to find suitable career options.
  19. When the central part of the day goes to television watching, Forwarding Whatsapp, browsing social media, socializing, and planning about where to spend money in terms of travel, shopping, movies, food, etc.
  20. You have money to spend on Netflix, clothes, and shoes, but there is no money to spend on personal improvement training for the struggle of life.
  21. You always show yourself as a victim.
  22. You are living a life without purpose. It’s worse than being dead. It leaves your life directionless, and you rarely have anything to look forward to. You go from one thing to another. You are not motivated, so you leave things half. You do not know how to put your life to use.
  23. You invite ideas from the past and worry too much about the future.
  24. You are with people who do not care for the time.
  25. You are addicted to your phone, porn, and someone who does not add value to itself.
  26. When you blindly follow social norms, without thinking of what is right for you and what you want.
  27. The only purpose of your life is to get a girlfriend.
  28. The essential thing in your life is to get the latest mobile phone model.
  29. You complain very much
  30. You blame the government. For everything that is going wrong in our nation.
  31. You do not have the goal of pursuing a fire inside you, and a drive takes you to the next milestone that you need.
  32. You embrace your comfort zone, and you don’t want to leave it, you do not face your fears, you do not take significant action, you do not think big, you are not emotionally healthy. You always keep crying
  33. You stay and hang with losers and frustrated people
  34. You include yourself in a toxic relationship, yet your intuition allows you to eliminate it.
  35. Porn and masturbation have a firm hold on you.
  36. There is a lack of organization in your home and your life.
  37. When you do this and do something that you feel is less than what you are capable of.
  38. You are beginning to think that your parents suck, a vast generation difference, and such other nonsense.
  39. When you are lying to yourself.
  40. When you meet people, you criticize all people.
  41. You mess up your grade, thinking that the class doesn’t matter.
  42. You engage in unnecessary conversations and quarrels on social media.
  43. You do not feel ashamed when asking for money from your parents for your expenses.
  44. Instead of money for your family, you have a full focus on the earnings of social media followers.
  45. You always want to stay in your comfort zone.
  46. You like to be envious of competitors.
  47. You are only doing things to keep, have fun, and not achievements or self-development.
  48. You have started finding your life partner dull and unappealing.
  49. When you are available to everyone except your closest and yourself.
  50. You hate your job more than being unemployed.
  51. Food, sex, alcohol, smoking is the only source of your happiness.
  52. Others are taking every critical decision.
  53. A large part of your income is going to those EMI products, which you have already consumed.
  54. When you start to believe that nothing can be done to improve your life.
  55. You feel lonely in the crowd of people.
  56. We are getting recognition from more people than necessary.
  57. You are trying to debate and fight on the internet post.
  58. Finding difficulty in sleeping at night, because the afternoon nap is finished for a while.
  59. Finally, going to bed with a regret that you’ve wasted another day yet.