Customer satisfaction is the key to running a successful business venture.Your ability to keep customers happy with your product/service can take your business to greater heights. The ultimate goal is not just about making sure your clients have a great experience using your product/service, but that they keep on using your services and even help spread the word through referrals and social media. This can only happen if you keep them happy and satisfied.

“The way to a customer’s heart is much more than a loyalty program. Making customer evangelists is about creating experiences worth talking about.” – Valeria Maltoni.

The role of marketing today is as much about delighting existing customers as it is attracting new ones. In this age of smartphones and social media, customer satisfaction is more important than ever. This is because a dissatisfied customer can easily spread the news of his/her dissatisfaction with your service to thousands of people in minutes.Good thing is, good news spreads just as fast too. You can equally make customers your promoters if you treat them right.

“Your most happy customer is your best promotor.”- HardikMeckwan

Customer satisfaction is Non-negotiable.It is the goal of any business venture and it can only be achieved if you’re in good standing with your clients.So how do you ensure your customers are happy?

Here are 7 ways to build a customer-centric philosophy which in turn, breeds happy customers.

1) Be Innovative

If you’re not constantly looking for ideas to help your business grow and make your products better, then you might be breeding unhappy customers. No customer wants to be where there is no progress or innovation. Every customer wants to see that you’re making efforts to increase value, improve products and better the services you offer them. To make your customers happy, you need to innovate and improve. Always be open to fresh ideas.

2) Keep In Touch

You should never let your customers out of your sight; try to always keep in touch. Reach out to them and find out if they are having any issues using your products, or if they would need some kind of home maintenance for a product you’ve previously sold.You can also send them personalized offers or promotions through emails and social media.That way, you keep in touch with them so they hardly forget about your brand.

Don’t forget, your competitors are always on the lookout for unhappy customers whom they can win over.

3) Handle Negative Feedback Well

“No amount of advertising can repair the damage done by failing to properly address a customer’s concern.” —  Albert Schindler, Writer.

Every business owner wants to see only good and positive comments concerning their business enterprise but the truth is, there’ll always be complaints; it’s inevitable.If customers don’t like the service that was offered, they’ll voice it out, to you and to whomever else that cares to hear.

So how do you handle customer negative feedbacks and complaints? How do you make such dissatisfied customers happy again?

The key is to work on the areas that need improvement and do whatever you can to rectify them. Also, you need to reassure the customer that no such thing will happen again.

4) Reward Your Loyal Customers

Loyal customers are valuable assets for any business venture.It’s important to let them know that they are valued and appreciated.

Rewarding your loyal clients fosters deeper loyalty and also helps build your brand.You can reward loyal customers with discounts, free products, sponsored trips, etc.

If you show them how much you value them by giving them rewards,they’ll continue to come for your product/service(s).

5) Learn To Identify Client Needs

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”―Steve Jobs

It’s very important to get to know the needs of your customers.This way, it will be easier for you to proffer solutions to them.You can identify client needs by listening and asking the right questions.Most times, customers aren’t clear about what they want so it’s important to listen carefully and tailor suggestions to meet their needs.”Customer is king” as they always say.It’s very important to keep them happy for the survival and profitability of your business.

6) Be Clear About What You Offer

When expectations are not met, disappointment and unhappiness follow. You need to let your clients know what you do, how you deliver your services and what they can expect from you. This way, customers will know what exactly to expect from your business. To keep clients happy, ensure you fulfill your part of the bargain by providing exactly what you’ve promised to offer.

Even in situations where there is a mistake, the way you handle it matters a lot. You can increase a customer’s loyalty to your business when you show them you’re willing to fix problems.

7) Create A Relationship Through Social Media

Social media makes it easy for customer-business relationships to thrive. Brands can now create accounts on social media and communicate effectively with their customers. You need to use this strategy for your business too. Remember, the goal is not to always post product adverts and sales letters on social media, rather you shouldpost entertaining and engaging content that will make your customers happy. Try to like customer comments, reply to customer comments, do giveaways and respond to direct messages quickly. Your activeness on social media will make your customers happy and increase your fan base too.

Finally, it is important to note that keeping your customers happy is a task that requires continuous effort. Studies show that 91% of unhappy customers will never come back to a business they believe is below par. This shows that you have to keep improving, innovating and finding out more ways to keep your customers happy. Remember, no customer, no business.