How to get good sleep?

Your work schedule is over. Tomorrow will be another day, close the book, turn off the computer, close the door of your business, and go to your room without a single thought of nerves, anguish or stress.

By that time of night, your mind has been working very hard solving problems and is exhausted. Don’t punish the brain with more stress and anguish.

Just go to bed and relax, forget everything until tomorrow. In your work you get paid to solve problems, you will not help your mind trying to solve them while being so tired. The best thing you can do in this case is to simply go to sleep and rest as deeply as you can.

Sleep: for getting rid of tiredness:

There are times when we get melancholic or nostalgic late at night, and it’s not that you’re depressed, you’re just tired. Your mind is, and that is why it is more vulnerable than usual. If you feel this way, you are not sad, you are tired. You need to sleep.

The later you sleep, the more time you are likely to spend feeling melancholic, nostalgic and depressive.  No sadness or illusory sentimentality.

How to get good sleep?

Practice breathing exercises or meditation:

There are many exercises of this type that you can practice. Here I could only propose a very specific one. Lie in bed, with the intention of sleeping after performing this brief exercise:

Breathe in slowly counting to 7. Keeps your breath counting to 3.  Exhale slowly counting to 7. Do it at least 7 times or until you feel relaxed. When you’re ready, keep breathing normally, just inspiring and exhaling without counting. Then practice this lying meditation exercise:

Relax your body little by little:

Start by relaxing your head, act as if you disconnect it and go down to your neck, disconnect it, then your shoulders and so until you reach the tip of your feet and disconnect them. When you disconnect them it is as if you take the energy from each part of your body.

Remember that if you have wondered how to sleep well, these 7 tips will be very helpful:

– Set your sleep hours and respect them.

– Turn off all lights and close windows well.

– Adapt the temperature of your room.

– Use essential oils.

– Read Books

– Dinner at least two hours before bedtime.

– Forget the earrings for today.

– Practice breathing exercises or meditation.

– Use Blue Light Filter At Least 4 Hour Before Sleep

– Put Mobile Phone Away From Bed.

– Avoid Social Contacts Many Hour Before Sleep.

– Forget Negative things and Try to think positive things in bed.

– Don’t try to Judge your life in Bed.

– Listen Some relaxing Music Before Sleep. Not Song