What are the young entrepreneurs doing wrong now?

Mistake number # 1

For decades, our youth are listening to the wrong kind of information and the wrong people.

For example, our young people still hear the same, old, tired spells:

“Go to school, study my son or my daughter very hard and pass with high grade (preferably A), so that a large organization can get a job and retire on a pension for the whole life.”

Our institution and our society are still preparing our youth for jobs that are not present.

Ironically, the A-students are working in many verticals for C-students, and the courses they do in colleges or universities are already obsolete.

Since universities take about a decade to change their curriculum, this industry is almost a decade ahead academic world. Therefore, our youth will have to go through re-training even after getting that prestigious job.

Apart from this, jobs are becoming increasingly rare and highly competitive because the organization transfers its operations in automation mode to save costs and time. Many organizations are employing robots in assembly lines to automate jobs, which were first made by humans.

Those who manage to get jobs should restore for years before getting promotions and increasing salaries because they have signed a binding contract to get that prestigious promotion and to work loyally for years in their mortal life. Have done To get a pension so that they retire when they are old

Mistake number # 2

Put in Our youth as a second option in the state of desperation and entrepreneurship in an incredible career. Still, since they do not have any formal education of entrepreneurship, they are failing badly and do not provide enough jobs. Or are blaming the government.

Then our young entrepreneurs make the second biggest mistake. They fall into entrepreneurship without taking the bother to educate themselves in entrepreneurship leads to failure after one, frustration, despair, and depression, which fails not only in business but also in failure in life.

Mistake number # 3

The third and most significant mistake is that our young entrepreneurs eventually go back into employment after failing to give up and wait for their reward instead of failing in business for some time.

They fail to realize that complete jobs are like entrepreneurs, who have been firm for years to control their life and pursue their dreams of enjoying financial freedom instead of making someone else productive Instead of working all the lives down to work in 9 to 5 pieces.

They fail to realize that we have fewer entrepreneurs, available jobs are less, and employment opportunities are less.

They fail to realize that there are more entrepreneurial opportunities than jobs.

They fail to realize that they get a job, are spending their precious time with the monthly salary of the employer so that they can invest in themselves, their families, and their community. Loot themselves for many hours of use.

Fault number # 4

And since they have already experienced one failure after another, our young entrepreneurs continue to lose their streak.

There is a biblical quote that is like this: “And after drinking old wine, nobody wants new, because they say, ‘old is better.’

This quote means that once you taste the taste of an entrepreneur, it is difficult to focus your attention, time, and attention on the aggressive needs of 9 to 5 years. Humans have a unique feeling that is known as instinct.

Once you once fail in entrepreneurship and want to return to employment, employers have this skeptical tendency to get you out of the hiring crowd.

This is where our young people are tempted to lie, but the tendency of sniffing a potential employer will teach you from a mile away. The trick here is to stick to the truth and also give the exact reason why you failed in business, and now you want to go back to employment.

Most young people do not know what to do in this phase, so they lie naturally, and when they finally regret it, they fail to understand why they did not get the job.

Mistake number # 5

Finally, our young entrepreneurs are back in business, which is a good step, but by this time, they have lost taste and precious time.

Then they make mistakes that every entrepreneur does. They come for shiny object syndrome (SOS) – distraction disease, which affects all early entrepreneurs.

They fail to realize that they are unique in their abilities and go one by one into business opportunities, and whatever is being driven by greedy, dishonest, businessmen and women and friends, who have their own There is saliva for raw meat.

They continue to lose their streaks because they never stop and whatever know, ignore it, yet believe that they can proudly use the knowledge learned in college in entrepreneurship And can be successful.

Honestly, many young entrepreneurs have failed because they ignored old knowledge and this single reason – the pride of earning a piece of paper from a prestigious degree, certificate, or 4 – an early 19th-century education four years of institutional training prepared by the system.

Mistake number # 6

Our young entrepreneurs fail to listen to all the advice they hear from those veterans already made charts in this area, have been unable, and succeeded many times.

Through a mistake of their own, they decide to apply in business, they are taught in school: “Failure is unacceptable.”

They fail to understand the source of success: failure + failure = success.

Inspired by the fear of failure, and after being conditioned by failure (by extension), fear of success, and crashes through many stages of failure, they make the final mistake which many entrepreneurs make:

“They fail to take another risk.”

Fault number # 7

By this time, our young entrepreneurs are confused, and will not hear any knowledge from the Orient.

Age-old wisdom stored in classic books such as “Think and Grow Rich,” “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” “The Art of War,” and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is not understood anymore, So they leave them only as garbage.

Consequently, our young entrepreneurs do not believe in themselves and fail to build essential qualities of patience, perseverance, discipline, and concentration.

This is not surprising, because our industries are influenced by high schools, colleges, and universities dropouts, who did not waste time in deciding to enter entrepreneurship.

These are examples of high school or college dropouts who did not spend any time in getting jobs and instead built multi-billion dollar empires.

These include big names of corporate worlds such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Jack Ma, John Cowan, and Richard Branson.

Why were they so successful?

They discovered an opportunity and lost and lost among many failures and disappointments. He found 8 P of entrepreneurial success:

1. an objective

They found something worth living and dying. They discovered a way to change the lives of other people.

2. Passion

They had a passion – the energy that runs us even when no one pays us for our efforts.

3. Persistence

Even after seeing the results, they never gave up. Most of the time, the results do not appear concerning efforts made to achieve your desired goals. The good thing is; Something is happening under the surface, and you have to do your best to see your desired goal.

4. Exercise

They took action and kept working. We all have heard the saying, “If you are not successful at first; Keep trying, “repeatedly. Constant practice helps us to teach how to do it better. Make sure you continue to see whether there are results or not.

5. Patience

There is the saying that; “Patience is the key” Often when people do not confirm our actions or fail to recognize and appreciate our efforts, it is not because we are failing. This can be because they do not understand or know how good it is to respond to our failures.

6. People

People are new currency Add people, especially those around you because they are ultimately your customers. To know this, take their opinion, listen, and the soldier that no man has succeeded by becoming an island.

7. Assumption

This is the ability to see an opportunity where others do not. Bata Shoe Company is the best example in this regard. Bata shops can found throughout Africa, even in the most remote parts. The story behind it is that by the end of the 19th century, Africa was opening its market. This history is being repeated in Africa. In a mostly undeveloped continent, opportunities are so vast that Bill Gates was recently heard on Annual Nelson Mandela Day; “Demographically, Africa is the world’s youngest continent, and its youth can be a source of special mobility.”

8. Pray

Even if you do not believe in God, even then, at least find that you get your energy from a higher power. Join God in all his efforts and to achieve his guidance, provision, wisdom, and grace.

The skeptics will always debate, “Oh! Entrepreneurship is not for everyone”.

My response is that this is “nonsense.”

Anyone, including young people, can become a successful entrepreneur if they put their mind on it, change their mindset and take time to develop themselves through reading books, discipline, passion, patience, meditation, and perseverance. Are.